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CIGA – Cheonil Guk Academy

(CIGA) Cheong IL Guk Academy Projects

Compiling FFWPU Full-length Dictionary Project

The project to compile a dictionary of Family Federation has been initiated under the CIGA administration.

With the goal to complete by the foundation day of 2020 as a commemorative project, CIGA will contribute to compiling a dictionary of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). The purpose of the dictionary is to provide the correct information and to assist the proper understanding of FFWPU movement to the public. The source of the dictionary will be the grand history of philosophical and ideological achievements of True Parents.

Dr. Jin Choon Kim is the co-chairman of Cheonil Guk Academy

(CIGA) Promoting Research on Establishing the Theories of True Parentology

Research and establishment of Theories of True Parentology were grounded on the words of True Parents from the proclamation of the Foundation Day. The Plan of establishing the academic research studies is to promote the periodical international conference for the theologians and professors incorporation with the HJ Academy of Arts and Sciences.