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ICUS – The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences


The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences arose from the commitment of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon to create an integrated worldview which can serve as the basis for a peaceful, harmonious future. Such a worldview can provide order to human knowledge and a resolution of conflicting values premises.

Hence, the two enduring themes of ICUS – Unity of Knowledge and Science and Values—have been raised as a challenge to stimulate the creativity of the world’s scientists and scholars.

Starting in 1972 with 20 participants, ICUS year by year expanded its scope as it deepened its relationship with the worldwide academic community. This growing phase culminated with the historic Tenth ICUS, which convened 808 participants from over 100 countries in Seoul, Korea in 1981. By this time ICUS had gained recognition from the world academic community as being truly unique as an interdisciplinary, international gathering of scholars and scientists addressing issues of fundamental concern to humanity.

A worldwide network of cooperating scholars was been established and, together with ICUS, several other ICF programs like the Professors World Peace Academy helped to sustain the network for many years. The last ICUS was held in the year 2000.