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Widgetkit 2 is the next generation toolkit for WordPress and Joomla. It provides a simple and user-friendly way to enrich your website experience with grids, switchers, slideshows and much more.

[text align=”center uk-margin-large-top”] [heading size=”h2″ style=”uk-margin-small-bottom”]Custom Widgets[/heading] [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-sub-title-small uk-margin-small-top”]Widgets included when you install the theme[/heading] [/text] [grid_column size=”4 uk-text-center uk-margin-large-top”] [panel_space] Event tabs Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Event Tabs Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [panel_space] Magazine tabs Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Magazine Tabs Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [panel_space] Fullscreen Slideshow Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Fullscreen Slideshow Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [panel_space] Slideset Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Slideset Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [panel_space] Slideshow Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Slideshow Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [panel_space] Tabs Gravity [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-margin”]Tabs Gravity[/heading] [/panel_space] [/grid_column] [divider/] [text align=”center uk-margin-top-large”] [heading size=”h2″ style=”uk-margin-small-bottom”]How to use[/heading] [heading size=”h4″ style=”uk-sub-title-small uk-margin-small-top”]Use a shortcode to display your widget anywhere on your website[/heading] [/text] [list style=”list-icons”] [li icon=”icon-grav-angle-right-circle”]Download and Install Widgetkit 2. See this tutorial on how to install Widgetkit[/li] [li icon=”icon-grav-angle-right-circle”]Navigate to Components > Widgetkit[/li] [li icon=”icon-grav-angle-right-circle”]You will find preset widgets ready to use with dummy images.[/li] [/list] [alert]Widgetkit 2 is NOT included with this template. We’ve only included custom-made widgets that can be used once you install Widgetkit 2. You can download Widgetkit 2 from here [/alert]