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Hyo Jeong Academic Foundation Filial love is the root of all virtues.

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The Principle of the love of parents: Hyo Jeong 효정
The love of the parents never changes.
Paternal and maternal love is sacrificial, selfless and unconditional.
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The heart of parents and hyo jeong - The principle and the source of love. The source of the conscience: Heart of parents. Filial piety is the thankful response to the love of parents. Filial love is the root of all virtues.
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Veneration for nature, the religious mind and faith in God,
Those come from its roots in filial love 효정
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The love of the parents never changes.
The most essential and important education is the education of the heart.
The model of the conscience: true parents, true teacher, true owner.
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Filial love towards parents 효정
Filial piety is the thankful response to the love of parents.
Filial love is the root of all virtues.
For the fostering of filial love, it is essential that parents show unconditional love and a good moral example.
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PWPA Philippines Zoom Conference 2020/07/29


Develop a Passion for Learning the Character Education.


We should not be satisfied with the intellectual analysis alone, and it should be emotional, heartistic teaching that appeals to the life force of the children. Therefore, each curriculum should be

made so that it would deal with the subject matter, the character virtue and the heart, that is what we call Hyo Jeong.


The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) is an educational organization founded to support the academic community's role in the pursuit of world peace.


The Unification Thought Institute (UTI) was established on August 20, 1972 in the Republic of Korea in accordance with the direction of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.


Cheon Il Guk Academy (CIGA) was founded as a branch organization of HJ Academy. The mission is to coordinate the seminars and publishing from world religious field.


The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) is an interdisciplinary academic forum dedicated to examining the imoprtant issues confronting our contemporary world.

S.U.P.G. University

The SunHak University Peace Graduate University is designed for those who wish to pursue a public life of services.